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MPA launches online quarry restoration resource

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The Mineral Products Association (MPA) has launched a new online resource known as ‘National Nature Park’, a UK-wide network of quarries that have been restored and are now open to the public. The new website includes details about 50 sites, covering a total of 4000 hectares. These include facilities such as visitor centres, nature trails and wildlife viewing hides. The network allows MPA members to provide the public with details about restoration and biodiversity projects they have carried out.

“This is a landmark moment. This great industry has hidden its light under a bushel for far too long and finally we are beginning to build a potentially new asset for the UK with this new National Nature Park. It is our aim to double the number of quarries in the network to 100 over the next two years or so,” commented Nigel Jackson, Chief Executive MPA.

“The new Park will become part of the industry’s legacy. This is part of our contribution to what Sir John Lawton was aiming at in the review of England’s wildlife and ecological network, ‘more, bigger, better, joined up’.

“The minerals industry has already delivered 5000 hectares of priority habitats through restoration of quarries, the equivalent of at least five 'Richmond Parks', with a further 5000 hectares planned,” added Jackson. “We are therefore uniquely placed to contribute to delivery of national and local biodiversity targets. Our new National Nature Park is part of this story – a growing and nationally significant area that has great wildlife which can be enjoyed by visitors.”

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