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Aalborg Portland publishes Environmental Report

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Aalborg Portland continued with planned activities set out in its action plans in order to meet its environmental, energy and work environment targets. The report includes information about the following activities in Denmark:

  • A DKK42 million investment in a facility designed to make further use of alternative fuel produced from industrial waste. The investment reduces the use of the fossil fuel such as coal and petcoke. In 2014, 33% of the energy supplied to furnace 87 was replaced by waste fuel. The goal is to replace 45% of the furnace's fuel energy with waste in 2015.
  • A reduction in fuel and electricity consumption, thereby limiting CO2 and NOX emissions, which has generated 222 million kWh of energy savings since 2010.
  • Emissions of NOX (nitrogen oxide) per tonne of cement have gradually decreased by 76% from 2000 to 2014 due to the establishment and optimisation of purification equipment and the use of alternative fuels.

A Task Force was set up in 2014 to look more closely at heavy lifting. Trained members of the work environment groups have been appointed to advise colleagues on the issues associated with heavy lifting

Future activities

Aalborg Portland will continue to focus on utilising waste and residual products as alternative fuels and raw materials. The company is also working to maintain a framework for a good working environment, i.e. by increased efforts directed at promoting job satisfaction, stress management and reducing workloads. Aalborg Portland believes that a proper foundation will help the company reduce the number of work-related accidents. The primary focus is on heavy lifting and falls.

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