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Engineering software developer breaks records

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Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Aucotec AG, the independent engineering software developer, has broken a new turnover record for the fifth year in a row. Aucotec achieved turnover of over €20 million. In the last five years, turnover has grown more than 70% and orders received have doubled. Global market turnover also reached a new record at around €36 million, 10% higher than the preceding year.

Markus Bochynek, Executive Officer for sales at Aucotec, stated: "We see ourselves in an ideal position." Bochynek went on to explain, ”The basis of this success lies in the huge growth in technological demands from our customers and in our software platform Engineering Base (EB), which addresses these challenges excellently. Around 70% of the total turnover can be attributed to this state-of-the art system."

The expanding workforce
Over the last five years, Aucotec has positioned itself closer to customers with the following investments: the expansion of the US subsidiary, a subsidiary in France, a new branch in Munich and an increased majority shareholding in China.

The total number of employees in Germany has increased by nearly 34%, in the same period. A new subsidiary was founded in Poland on 1 January 2014 and Aucotec Sweden will open its doors on 4 May 2015. "We have achieved important success in recent years in both these countries thanks to our partners there. We think we will be able to do even more by improving our local presence," said Bochynek.

Aucotec’s network of partners has expanded to South Korea, with a partner choosing the company name from its most important product: Engineering Base Co., Ltd. The investments are predicted to continue, with plans to expand in Germany, China, Poland, the US and France.

Future potential web services

Executive Officer and Technical Director Uwe Vogt summarises the potential expansion of EB: "The platform is currently making a major shift towards web services and web-based apps for mobile clients." The apps will be centred on the current architecture and tailored to specific requirements and simple to use, alike to the maintenance app. Vogt said, "This expanded technology, which is developed in the same way as the established PLM and ERP systems, makes EB very much future-oriented, making it a safe long-term investment."

Adapted from press release by Harleigh Hobbs

* As the fiscal year only ended on 31/03/2015, the results reported in this press release are still preliminary. The figures quoted here could still change slightly.

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