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The MPA launches second edition of ‘Facts at a Glance’

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The UK’s Mineral Products Association (MPA) recently held its 5th Annual Members’ General Assembly. The event took place in London on 11 June, focusing on the theme of ‘Maintaining Momentum’. More than 120 delegates from some 60 MPA producer and associate member companies attended the assembly, which included two interactive business panel sessions on the economy and infrastructure.

“Looking forward, we have initiated ‘MPA 2020’ to challenge ourselves as to what kind of industry we want to be, and become, over the next five years. We have made a good start to the MPA story, we have aligned and are aligning once disparate sectors, we have and are realising the synergies, but it is just a start. I am confident that if stay together we can now move from base camp to far higher levels,” said Nigel Jackson, MPA Chief Executive.

Following the event, the MPA launched the second edition of its ‘Facts at a Glance’ publication. This provides an insight into the key role that the mineral products industry plays in terms of the economy and sustainability, in addition to outlining the challenges facing the sector.

Some key facts from the publication include:

  • Per capita cement use in the UK is around 60% lower than the European average.
  • In 2013, approximately 103 million t of aggregates were produced in England, 27 million t in Scotland, 18 million t in Northern Ireland and 13 million t in Wales.
  • The mineral products industry has an annual turnover of £9 billion.
  • The sector employs 70 000 people and a further 2.5 million jobs are supported through the mineral product industry’s supply chain.

“The mineral products industry needs to be recognised as critical to our future economic and social prosperity. This 'Facts at a Glance' booklet demonstrates the industry's contribution,” commented Alun Cairns MP, No. 10 Policy Unit and MP for Vale of Glamorgan. “The growth strategy is clear: more high tech, high growth industries are needed, like aerospace and digital communications. We also need enabling industries like construction and its supply chain. The booklet makes the link between the materials produced and the built environment, as well as their value as an enabler for downstream economic activity.”

‘Facts at a Glance’ can be downloaded from the MPA’s website.

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