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New property-enhancing cement additive discovered by Spanish research team

World Cement,

A research team made up of six lecturers from the Department of Chemistry and Soil Science at the University of Navarra, Spain, has detected a biodegradable additive that enhances the properties of cement. The discovery has given rise to a patent, registered with the World Intellectual Property Organisation under the title, ‘Use of carboxymethyl chitosans as additives in conglomerate compositions’.

One of the participants in the research, lecturer José Álvarez, explained that, “In systems with cement (mortars and concretes), the additive increases the viscosity of the mixture and accelerates its setting. What it does is to avoid the segregation of the components of mortars and concretes and facilitate their application in reducing the hardening time.” As he also points out, “some of these additives have shown good efficacy simultaneously in the retention of toxic metals, such as lead, zinc and chromium.” 

In environmental terms, “The additive turns out to be a more favorable alternative to cellulose derivatives, and is useful for blocking heavy metals and their toxic effects,” said Álvarez.

Adapted from news source by Jack Davidson.

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