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Your Life campaign launched to encourage young people to study STEM subjects

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On 10 November, the Your Life campaign was launched in the UK. This is a three-year initiative to raise awareness of the opportunities that maths and science skills can open up and to encourage young people to study STEM subjects at A-level and beyond. Your Life, which is supported by a number of companies, also aims to help industry to recruit and retain talent.

Speaking at the campaign launch, UK Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan said: “If we want to make the most of half of our workforce, if we want to eliminate the gender pay gap and if we want that same half of the workforce to succeed in jobs that boost our economy, then we must make sure that teenage girls don’t feel, and certainly aren’t told, that certain subjects are the preserve of men. To tackle those tired stereotypes of careers in STEM subjects, Your Life will be working with businesses from across the country to create opportunities for under-represented groups, including women, to see the benefits of studying STEM first hand and ensure that work experience and apprenticeship opportunities are open to everyone.”

“They want companies to develop more inclusive workplace cultures, including increased opportunities for flexible working, and supporting those who choose to take a career break. And they’re clear that organisations need to be open and transparent about progression routes to the top jobs.”

“Over 200 organisations have already responded to the campaign’s call to action and pledged their support. But to make a real difference, we’ve got to change how young people see STEM subjects, well before they start their careers and while they’re still in schools,” added Morgan.

The initiative includes the Formula 100 Competition, which seeks the ‘inventors of the future’. Young adults between the ages of 11 and 18 are invited to submit video entries that answer the question: ‘What would you invent for the workplace?’

As Morgan explains: “Winners will be selected from a judging panel made up of the country’s leading entrepreneurs, and the panel will be looking for the most imaginative and life changing inventions.”

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