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Malmö to invest in Northern Harbour expansion

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Malmö City, Sweden, is investing SEK260 million in the Northern Harbour expansion project in anticipation of forthcoming industrial establishments. The expansion is due to take place in stages, around 20 hectares of land at a time, between 2014 and 2025 and will include landfill, new ground facilities and the construction of new roads. The SEK260 million is an estimated framework for the necessary investments during the period.

Northern Harbour in Malmö is dedicated to port operations and transport-related industry and covers a 1 500 000 m2 area. Malmö City and Cophenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) are working together to develop industrial initiatives such as a sustainable cycle for transportation, energy manufacture and recycling that will benefit all of the companies involved.

Johan Röstin, Chief Executive Officer of CMP, commented on the expansion plans: “This is a very positive decision for us and our customers. We are pleased that Malmö City continues to believe strongly in CMP and Northern Harbour becoming a transport and logistics hub in the Baltic region.”

Around half of Northern Harbour comprises new port terminals, quays, railway installations and land to be developed during the port expansion. A new logistics centre, in which manufacturing and distribution companies can establish themselves, will be constructed on the remaining land. These industries will benefit from the infrastructure in Northern Harbour with regard to their freight transportation. Malmö City, in collaboration with CMP, will be responsible for land concessions for industrial establishments.

”There is flexibility in the investment budget. If we acquire a new customer with specific requirements – for example, for an area of land with a separate road – we can rapidly arrange this within the framework of the project. A good infrastructure on land is at least as important for competitiveness as the infrastructure at sea,” continued Röstin.

Adapted from various sources by Rosalie Starling

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