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Calm during the storm

World Cement,

On Thursday 24th October 2013 one of Corgin’s internal sales team made a routine telephone call to a prospective client. Little did he realise when he picked up the receiver, how significant the timing of the call would prove to be!

On establishing contact he was somewhat surprised to be welcomed with proverbial open arms by his target, who happened to be the Wharf Manager of a port in South West England. At the point of taking the call, the client claimed to have four different weather websites open on his screen and was keeping a nervous eye on an impending storm, which was due to hit the UK on Monday 28th, four days later. Unfortunately this inclement weather was set to coincide with the loading of an ocean-going vessel at his wharf. The material due to be loaded was a fine, white powdery product derived from china clay, which is mined in this area for export. He explained that the product has the consistency of talcum powder and that there were hundreds of tonnes to be loaded from the quay in a very short timescale. Furthermore, he admitted that he had experienced complaints and environmental pressure previously because of dust emissions from the wharf, particularly during windy weather.

On hearing about Corgin’s MistCannon and the availability of hire units for rapid deployment, he expressed a keen interest, suggesting that it would be bound to help with the control of some of the emissions from the process.

Within the same telephone conversation, the client agreed to go ahead with a hire of a MistCannon D400 and issued a purchase order number on the spot, requesting delivery within 24 hours.

The D400 was duly delivered Friday morning and was operational by the end of the day, well in advance of the anticipated deterioration in the weather. The storm arrived right on cue on Sunday night and lasted through Monday, being subsequently dubbed ‘St Jude’s Storm’ after the patron saint whose feast is marked on that date. Widespread damage and disruption across southern England ensued as the storm passed, although the worst impacts were reserved for the near Continent, where many lives were lost as a direct result of the storm.

Later that week Corgin’s sales representative had opportunity to visit the Wharf and was told by a very satisfied client: “Yes we are happy with what it does. In even in the most extreme conditions the MistCannon allows us to work for a 12 hour day and the amount of dust caused is so minimal that it is manageable. We wish we had this unit years ago.”

The only objection voiced was the fact that he didn’t want to part with the hire unit now that the storm was over! So after some negotiation during the same visit, hands were shaken on a special deal for the client to purchase the D400 as ‘used’ equipment.

In the notably stormy and wet winter that followed, no doubt the MistCannon has proved its worth to this client time and time again.

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