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New study highlights the cement industry’s vital role in Europe

World Cement,

CEMBUREAU has commissioned a study to outline the European cement sector’s competitiveness and its part in achieving sustainability and resource efficiency in the region. The recently published report, carried out by the Boston Consulting Group, reveals that the cement and concrete industry contributes to the economy with a total production value of €74 billion and value added of €22 billion, as well as accounting for around 366 000 jobs.* The study also highlights the role the industry plays in generating growth and its unique contribution to Europe’s goals in terms of resource and energy efficiency, innovation and biodiversity.

However, it also points out the problems currently facing the cement industry, such as higher energy prices, a macro-economic environment and a lack of a consistent regulatory framework that allows for long-term investment planning. In addition, average return on capital in the last four years has come in at 3 – 5% less than the cost of capital.

“With this study, CEMBUREAU aims to put itself at the heart of Europe’s priorities and that is the focus on competitiveness, growth and jobs. Both industry and policymakers must therefore work together in order to identify actions to address the current challenges faced by the sector,” said CEMBUREAU Chief Executive Koen Coppenholle.

*Data for cement and concrete for EU-27 and Turkey. Source: Eurostat and CEMBUREAU.

Adapted from press release by Louise Fordham.

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