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ECRA Seminar, 7-8 June 2016

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World Cement,

The seminar will give a comprehensive review of the state of the art of continuous measurement techniques in the cement industry.

One important aspect and a common theme through all the presentations is the quality assurance requirement of automated measuring systems. The European Standard EN 14181 was revised in 2015 and contains some new important topics concerning the calibration (QAL 2) and functional testing (AST) of continuous measuring devices. Furthermore, the scope of certified measuring devices was specified. Guidance on the selection of suitable CEM systems will be given and examples of ongoing quality assurance will be presented. Changes to the European standardisation and recent developments in periodic measurement techniques will be discussed.

The seminar includes a visit to the HeidelbergCement plant in Górazdze, Poland.

Target group
Environmental and process engineers, technicians in measurement technology.

Presentations include:

  • General legal requirements of emission measurement in the European Union.
  • Suitable application of the revised EN 14181 concerning calibration and surveillance of CEMs.
  • Specific challenges in the operation of multi-component CEMs.
  • Alternative method for the determination of TOC with FTIR spectrometry.
  • Practical application of features of multi-component CEMs.
  • State of the art in continuous monitoring of dust emissions.
  • Continuous monitoring of mercury emissions: introduction to the specific characteristics.
  • Monitoring of mercury emissions with a high-temperature conversion device.
  • Monitoring of mercury emissions with a thermocatalytical device.
  • QAL3 review and solutions.
  • Current developments in periodic measurement techniques: upcoming changes in European standardisation.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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