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Product development at Cemex is driven by a group of specialists and researchers that range from material scientists, to commercial strategists, to anthropologists, a unique mix of talents that allows Cemex to introduce additional dimensions to our technologies.

Managed by Cemex Research Group AG based in Switzerland, our worldwide experts leverage the knowledge and expertise that allows Cemex to offer a variety of cutting-edge products and solutions that meet the challenges of urbanisation. Among other benefits, our concrete solutions help improve land use, water management and energy efficiency as well as mitigate noise pollution and lower the carbon footprint of buildings.

In 2015, Cemex invested more than US$41 million in research and development (R&D) efforts for new construction solutions and products that address the challenges of urbanisation and climate change. That same year, our portfolio of concrete products with outstanding sustainability attributes accounted for approximately 33% of our ready-mix revenues. These are just a few examples:

Insularis Showcases Versatility of Concrete

Lightweight and with a high thermal performance, Cemex Insularis provided the winning combination for the Ataraxia project in Tours, France. The construction of the prestigious collective building fulfilled thermal regulation RT 2012 while also achieving the architectural finish envisioned in the design.

White Insularis technology was also used to create the state-of-the-art Oak House School in Barcelona, Spain. While providing the desired aesthetic finish, it also enhanced its thermal insulation.

Hidratium Technology Enhances Innovative Church Design in Colombia

Builders constructing the Santa María de los Caballeros Chapel in Bogota, Colombia, turned to Cemex’s Hidratium to achieve the distinctive design elements envisioned by the architect. The innovative technology helps maintain adequate levels of moisture – reducing water evaporation by approximately 80% – while maintaining uniform colour in the concrete and enhancing the finished texture. Hidratium, our unique, ready-mix concrete with self-curing properties has permeated other markets, including Mexico, France, Czech Republic and Germany.

Public Safety Improved with Promptis

Promptis, a rapid-hardening and controlled-workability (open time of at least 90 minutes) concrete solution, was selected for a major road repair project in the Philippines. The rehabilitation of EDSA, one of the country’s busiest thoroughfares, took place with the use of Promptis, an innovative 24-hour paving solution that allowed the road to be open to traffic much more quickly than with conventional ready-mix concrete. Promptis technology makes this product an ideal option for any one-day concrete application in public road works.

Edited from source by Joseph Green. Source: Cemex

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