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The age of the industrial internet: part 2

World Cement,

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Changing the way we work

The industrial internet does not just revolve around data, it also impacts the jobs we carry out every day. This new wave of innovation will introduce new tools and applications that enable personnel to collaborate in a smarter and faster way, making jobs not only more effective but more rewarding.

For example, field engineers that arrive at a lime plant with their mobile device, which is equipped with the MOSAICO QualiAPP application, are told which equipment, blower, valve, etc., needs to be serviced. The spare parts are already available, as the problem was diagnosed in advance. The QualiAPP allows communication with colleagues or the QualiCal Service Centre through the MOSAICO QualiTWIT application. This shows the equipment condition, shares data that can be run through diagnostics, and streams videos that will guide personnel step-by-step through whichever procedure is required to get the machines back up and running as quickly as possible. These interactions are documented and stored in an accessible database.

Carlo Cella at the ILA 2014 in Vancouver during his speech about the Industrial Internet and MOSAICO application. (Courtesy of the ILA Committee.)

All of this can be experienced by the QualiCal Site Operator through the new MOSAICO Mobile QualiAPP. Additionally, the MOSAICO QualiGLASS™ can be used, which guarantees the operator a hands-free experience and, as a result, the highest grade of safety.

MOSAICO QualiGLASS application.


A new era in enterprise-wide productivity has begun. The rise of the industrial internet and big data has the power to transform industries, with data recorded by connected machines enabling companies to capture efficiencies across operations and potentially achieve zero downtime.

However, to realise the benefits of these technologies, companies need to ensure that data analytics are being applied in the most effective way, and communicated to the right people. This often requires a cultural shift throughout the operations. Many small and medium-sized manufacturers have yet to capitalise on the industrial internet, but this will likely change as early adopters help to drive new technologies.

QualiCal, as one of the largest technological suppliers in the lime market, is uniquely qualified to help bring an industrial context to the wave of new, smarter equipment, big data and analytics. Combining expertise in both digital technology and lime industrial machines has transformed QualiCal from a traditional industrial equipment producer into a full-range customer solutions provider able to maximise customer value and profitability. The company is no longer a supplier of steel and hardware, but a provider of entire lime production systems and intelligent lime plants, which make use of advanced analytics, predictive maintenance and social open source information. Furthermore, knowledge and expertise is provided by the QualiCal team, QualiPOOL Partners and the whole QualiCal Global Brain.


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Written by Dr Carlo Cella, QualiCal International, Italy. This is an abridged version of the full article, which appeared in the March 2015 issue of World Cement. Subscribers can read the full article by logging in. They can also read the magazine on smart phones and tablets by downloading World Cement’s app.

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