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Aumund celebrates 90 years

World Cement,

On 3 August 1922, Professor Heinrich Aumund laid the foundation stone for the establishment of Aumund Fördererbau GmbH in Berlin, today a globally operating company with innovative and customer-oriented solutions for the conveying of demanding bulk materials. Ninety years later and it is a different place, but the business idea remains the same. In Rheinberg, in the Lower Rhine region, new concepts are still being developed and implemented with the goal of smashing old capacity constraints.

Since the first patent for a wagon tippler for train unloading in 1922, many further patents have underpinned the claim that the founder developed new and innovative transport and handling solutions. This is still a robust constituent of the company’s philosophy today.

An inventor’s spirit and courage to try out new things are not enough alone to allow for repeated success over so many years. An additional ability is needed in order to be able to manufacture successful products from good technical solutions. Franz-Walter Aumund, third-generation company boss, hits the nail on the head: “The question is not what is technically possible. Whoever wants to maintain their position in the market must ask themselves how they can achieve the best result for the customer.”

The principle that the material and its properties – as well as the application and its environment – determine the choice of conveyor, also determines the customer relationship and work in the research and development department. Already at this stage the points are set for the future economy of the entire installation. The consequence of this principle is positive in every respect as customers receive equipment that is matched to each particular task and that runs both reliably and for the long-term. Aumund subsequently profits from the resultant reputation of being a supplier of reliable and capable machinery in varying industrial sectors.

Originally focusing on conveying technology for the German mining industry, Aumund rapidly developed a series of different conveying installations that are now employed in the cement industry, the metallurgical industries, in power plants, in mining, but also in many other fields in which large volumes of bulk materials need to be continuously conveyed. For example, the pan conveyors have made a special name for themselves. They are employed in hot material conveying in the cement and metal industry (clinker, sinter, pellets etc.), as well as in the conveying of extremely abrasive materials. The same applies to Aumund’s heavy-duty apron feeders, which are used in mining or in quarries for the loading of crushers.

Apart from horizontal conveying up to a 60° angle of inclination, vertical conveying also plays an important role. Aumund belt bucket elevators achieve conveying capacities of up to 1500 tph, conveying heights of up to 160 m and, thanks to a special design that was recently introduced to the market, they are also suitable for the conveying of coarse grain bulk materials. A special design also makes them reliably employable with ambient temperatures of up to 130 °C. Whenever preheater towers on modern cement plants are especially tall Aumund bucket elevators are frequently encountered.

In the case of chain bucket elevators, Aumund has ploughed its own furrow in two respects and has been demonstrating an impressive performance for many years. In contrast to other suppliers, the experts from Rheinberg chose a design with a central chain. The chain, developed by Aumund, is available in different variants. In the strongest variant the breaking strength of the chain (Aumund type AU19) is up to a breaking force of 2400 kN. This model is employed in the new triple chain bucket elevator (Aumund type BW-T), which can handle conveying capacities of up to 4000 tph.

The load capacity limit has not yet been reached. New processes and materials will continue to demand suitable equipment that meets varying needs.

The 90 years of company history that lie behind Aumund provide a good reason to celebrate, for success was always a faithful companion. What began in an old workshop in Rheinberg many years ago is today an operation with over 400 employees worldwide, with its own production and worldwide service locations.

There have been strategically important acquisitions since the turn of the century and the company’s management team have attached great value to the extension of the product base. The company B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd, UK, and SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH were two companies that were incorporated into the group covering important fields in conveying and storage technology. B&W specialises in mobile conveying installations for ports and terminals and SCHADE focuses on the most up to date stockyard technology, which is employed in power plants and anywhere where large volumes of bulk materials need to be stored and handled.

The company is well equipped for the future. The operative managing directorship has been recently handed over by Franz-Walter Aumund to Dr Volker Brandenburg and to Joerg Hoffmann, who was previously in the same position at SCHADE. In the overseas subsidiaries in Brazil, China, France, India, Hong Kong and USA, as well as in the product companies Aumund, B&W and SCHADE, a new management team has been formed that determinedly pursues the same goals. Franz-Walter Aumund concluded, “If we remain true to our principles and prioritise customer usability, quality and innovation then we all have good reason to look forward to what the next 90 years will bring.”

Adapted from press release by Louise Fordham.

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