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DSI Snakes thrive in Spain

World Cement,

In 2003, Dos Santos International, in cooperation with PHB Weserhutte, commissioned a DSI Snake Sandwich High Angle Conveyor for the Aceralia Steel Mill in Gijon, Austurias Spain.  The conveyor system provides a high angle conveyor path to the existing pulverizing plant and then continues on to a new pulverizing plant. The DSI Snake replaced a problematic vertical pocket belt system that served the old pulverizing plant. The Snake elevates raw coal at a 75° angle to the discharge, at which point the material is completely discharged and scraped clean using standard belt scrapers. This installation has been in successful operation for seven years and counting. 

Since then, two new DSI Snakes have been ordered for operation in Spain for Repsol Refineries.  The first was ordered by Duro Felguera for the Muskiz refinery near Bilbao in northeastern Spain. The second was ordered by TAIM for operation in the Cartagena Refinery on the Mediterranean Sea in southern Spain.

The new DSI Snake at the Muskiz Refinery elevates coke and delivers the hot product to an overhead stacking system within the covered storage building.  Designed to operate in an enclosed, potentially explosive environment, this Snake is subject to, and compliant with, the latest and strictest ATEX standards.  The start up for the Snake at Muskiz is scheduled for August 2011.

A second DSI Snake at the Cartagena refinery is a “C-shaped” profile.  The refinery expansion consists of two complete storage facilities. The first one is for petroleum coke storage and the second is for sulfur storage. The DSI Snake will be part of the sulfur storage facility. Its function is to transport the solid particles generated during the solidification process at the plant and temporarily store them in piles to be taken to the port facilities. Start up for the DSI “C” Snake is also planned for August 2011.

The versatility of the DSI Snake is demonstrated with each application, but the company believes that the full potential of the system will only become realised as more units are installed for the wide range of industries that have yet to implement this well-established technology.

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