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Testori S.p.A.

Testori Group has been operating for over 110 years in the technical textiles field, applied to industrial filtration for production processes and environmental protection. Testori core business is in the design, production and marketing of textile items (fabrics, cloths, felts, bags etc) and products for gas and liquid filtration. Testori’s offering fully meets the needs of all customers: designers/plant constructors (OEMs), bags/cloths manufacturers, end users. Testori’s operations cover the entire value chain, from processing the raw materials (fibre and yarn) through to the production of finished items. Testori also offers its know-how and resources for installation, maintenance, inspections, leakage tests and troubleshooting.

The main applications are: cement and aluminium industries, power generation, waste to energy, metals, pharmaceutical, chemical and agro-chemical, food, mining, asphalts, wastewater plants and other applications for environment protection.

The company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified, with the quality level maintained by an internal Quality Committee.

The Group is made up of five companies. Absolute leader in Italy, one of the main players in Europe and constantly growing in extra-European markets. In the past few years Testori Group has broadened its boundaries reaching the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and North America (Cincinnati, OH, USA), where it has inaugurated productive sites and warehouses to better satisfy the need of European-quality fabrics in industrial filtration.