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Dürr Megtec

Dürr Megtec has provided proven environmental solutions to the Cement industry for 30+ years. We continue to deliver innovative process enhancements to meet ongoing environmental challenges.

As a leading supplier of liquid atomization technologies and air pollution control systems worldwide, you can depend on the proven performance of our systems--from full turnkey solutions to equipment supply and replacement parts.

Our evaporative gas cooling and conditioning system helps protect downstream equipment, enhance air pollution control performance, reduce gas volumes, and increase production capacity. Our specially engineered Turbotak atomizing nozzles introduce a controlled amount of finely atomized water into the hot gas stream to reduce and/or maintain gas temperature. The water evaporates completely while absorbing heat from the gases, which results in free-flowing dust, zero liquid discharge, and minimal or no problems with scale buildup on the walls.

For cement industry applications, we offer spray dryer absorber (SDA) technology for SOX, HCl, and HF removal. When integrated with our pulse jet fabric filter and dry sorbent injection (DSI) technologies utilizing powdered activated carbon (PAC) injection, our SDA is part of an integrated approach to high-performance particulate, mercury, and acid gas emissions control.