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Marietta Silos, USA Silo Service Inc.


The Marietta Group includes Marietta Silos and Marietta Inspection Services and is the parent company to USA Silo Service, offering you more construction, repair, inspection and cleaning services for your concrete silos and structures.

Marietta Silos leads the way in silo engineering, design, construction and repair. We are the only contractor in the U.S. that can take care of every aspect of your silo, leveraging our century of knowledge as industry experts. We have pioneered cutting-edge equipment and practices in concrete silo construction and are the only company involved in Jumpform, Slipform and concrete stave and silo construction for industries such as manufacturing, mining, chemical and power. Our integrated silo inspection program and repair consulting service helps keep concrete structures performing at their best.

Marietta Inspection Services provides professional on-site inspection of industrial storage silos. The group was formed to meet a growing need for concrete inspection and repair services on storage silos, whether concrete or steel.

USA Silo Service provides industrial silo cleaning/bulk storage clean-out services to clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. We utilize The Boss, our silo cleaning machine, removing more material faster and with more efficiency than any other clean-out method, accelerating the cleaning process and minimizing downtime on-site. The Boss is a unique clean-out head, based on a proprietary design, developed to accommodate variable attachments, which are selected by our field crews, to match the type of material being removed.

USA Silo Service also offers cutting edge leakproof roof-top and exterior wall coating. We use a rubber coating that is thermally stable and has high tolerance for both hot and cold weather extremes. It resists cracking and peeling due to ozone and ultraviolet exposure. It can be used for roof surfaces or for steel bolted silo joints to offer excellent protection against oxidation, humidity and corrosive environments. The rubberized coating also exhibits excellent resistance to alkali, salts, abrasions and acid fumes.

The Industries We Serve

The Marietta Group has the resources to provide service and consultation on nearly any concrete structure in any industry. We serve a variety of customers who use concrete structures in a number of applications. These sectors include agribusiness, cement, chemical, clay, coal storage, energy mining, fly ash, food processing, grain including storage and processing, manufacturing, lime, aggregates and many more.


2417 Waterford Road
Ohio / Washington