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IAC is a full service original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of dust collection equipment, pneumatic conveying and material storage systems. IAC’s new, modular M-Pulse medium phase pressure baghouse, will handle process gas stream dust collection up to 1 million cfm. IAC’s pulse-jet cleaning collectors, can handle fugitive dust collection to 100 000 cfm.

IAC also designs, supplies and installs pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying, material storage, and material load-out systems for finished product silos. IAC’s field service group provides field installation and maintenance services, on not only IAC systems, but on all brands of equipment. IAC’s parts group provides both replacement parts and improved wear components for all brands of equipment, including bags, cages, cleaning valves, airlocks, double-dump valves, blowers, tubing, piping, elbows and connectors.