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Indian cement producers put prices up as monsoon season draws to a close

World Cement,

Cement manufacturers in Gujarat, India, are due to increase prices by around Rs. 20 per 50 kg bag from Friday 1 October, as producers look to make the most of the increase in demand as the monsoon season draws to a close. A similar increase is being considered for Maharashtra and Mumbai.

Prices in several major cities in Gujarat, such as Baroda and Surat, are expected to increase the price of a 50 kg bag of cement to an average of Rs. 195 – 200. Cement prices in cities in Maharashtra, such as Mumbai, have already increased by Rs. 10 over the last week, with the current average standing at Rs. 240 per bag. A further increase is expected in the coming week, which should boost the average price to Rs. 250 – 255 per bag.

Cement prices are also expected to jump Rs. 20 – 30 per bag in Hyderabad and Chennai. Hyderabad’s average figure will reach Rs. 90, while prices in Chennai would average at Rs. 275.

These price increases are not expected to remain permanent, as they are a reaction to the monsoon season and not supported by volume growth.

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