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Cement producers in the Philippines to request 5% duty on imports

World Cement,

Cement producers in the Philippines are to request that the 5% duty on imported cement be restored due to concerns that in an open market, imports could cause a serious threat.

The Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (CeMAP) will present its case to the Tariff Commission in a hearing next week on 28th July.

Gloria Arroya, President at the time, issued the order of no duty on imported cement in February this year for a period of six months to encourage imports and hinder price increases within the domestic market. While the move has not increased the amount of imports, local cement producers have not increased their prices.

A spokesperson from CeMAP said, ‘we would like to retain 5% tariff on cement for the basic reason that we are still under threat of dumping from countries with excess cement capacity. The threat is there and the 5 percent tariff shield would keep imports bay.’

Other local countries still impose significant duties on imports, e.g. Vietnam, which insists upon a 30% duty.

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