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Ambuja Cement offers customer support in West Bengal

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Ambuja Cement’s Customer Support Group (CSG) is strengthening its focus in West Bengal through technical assistance and value added services for customers, masons and construction professionals including Architects, Civil Engineers and Project Managers.

Ambuja Cement plans to train 18 000 masons and 15 000 contractors across India with certified construction courses by 2020. Around 4000 masons and contractors from the eastern region will stand to benefit from the same in 2015.

Commenting on these developments, Umesh Soni, Corporate Head, CSG, Ambuja Cement said, "The Customer Support function is a direct culmination of our passion and drive to provide our customers with value added services, enhance their knowledge and increase proficiency in this industry. These workshops help create a sustainable and organic growth model by establishing strong knowledge pools and making Ambuja a thought leader in innovative, customer driven activities.”

CSG has proactively driven employability and work engagement initiatives among youth by inculcating the necessary skill-sets and expertise required for masonry. The training programme implements theory and practical sessions on masonry tools, selection of good quality building materials, right mix proportion, methods of mixing, brick masonry, flooring, plastering and concreting. Ambuja Cement has trained around 3000 men for masonry skills in the eastern region to date.

Ambuja Cement also operates 15 concrete laboratories in the East, which test concrete for its workability and strength. These laboratories are located in Silliguri, Guwahati, Durgapur, Kharagpur, Kolkata, Sankrail, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Muzaffarpur, Raipur, Bilaspur, Bhatapara & Bhubaneswar. Customer Support Engineers visit the construction site during major concreting operation and provide guidance to customers on producing high strength concrete. Workability test of concrete checks its suitability for pouring without defects and cubes are cast to check the compressive strength against the minimum required. This test assures the customer that the concrete produced on his sites meets strength requirement.

Bhavesh Trivedi, Head – East, Customer Support Group, Ambuja Cement said, “Siliguri is the largest city in the northern part of West Bengal linking northeastern India to the rest of the country. Its strategic proximity with neighbouring countries has led to lot of trading activities and subsequent real estate development. Ambuja’s Customer Support Group in Siliguri is actively involved in providing end to-end solutions for Individual Home Builders, Contractors and Masons, thus fostering strong relationships.”

Ambuja will be launching its knowledge-sharing platform Ambuja Knowledge Centre (AKC) in Siliguri in March 2015. AKC is a unique platform to spread and share knowledge in the field of cement, concrete, construction technology and civil engineering, AKC has gained prominence among budding contractors, technicians and engineers across the country.

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