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Taiwan accuses China of dumping

World Cement,

According to reports, the Taiwan Cement Manufacturers’ Association (TCMA) has filed a complaint accusing China of dumping cement on the island.

The complaint, which also suggests that an anti-dumping tax be levied on cement from China, has been filed with the Ministry of Finance and the International Trade Commission. Allegedly, the lower-priced cement from China began taking over the market in Q4 2009, and has led to the price of the domestic Taiwanese product dropping by more than 20%.

The figures presented by the TCMA show that some 2 million t of cement was imported to Taiwan for a y/y growth of 300 000 t, with imports making up 20% of the market. Cement is exported from China at US$35 – 36/t FOB (free on board); importers pay NT$1900 – NT$2000/t and yet Chinese cement is sold for less than NT$2000/t in Taiwan. Meanwhile, China’s efficiency drive is pushing up prices in that market, which TCMA quote as between US$49 and US$50. The difference between domestic and export prices is the basis under which the TCMA charges Chinese producers with dumping. The price of exports to other Asian countries is apparently ~US$4 dollars higher than to Taiwan.

The TCMA attributes the poor profitability of its own cement manufacturers to ‘dumping’ by Chinese cement producers. Taiwan Cement’s operating income in the first half of this year fell 56%, while Asia Cement’s 1H operating net income stood at NT$15 million compared to last year’s NT$726 million. Other firms suffered the same fate.

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