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A new CEO for Holcim Philippines

World Cement,

Holcim Philippines, Inc. (HPHI) has announced that its current president Magdaleno B. Albarracin, Jr. and chief operating officer Roland van Wijnen will be resigning their posts on 31 December 2012 and 31 January 2013, respectively. The company followed this by announcing the appointment of Eduardo A. Sahagun as its new CEO effective as of 1 January 2013, marking a modification to its upper managerial structure as well as a change of personnel. Interestingly, though this was not one of the organisational streamlining measures originally listed by Holcim when it announced its ‘leadership journey’ earlier in the year, it is very much in line with the application of the streamlining principles across the rest of the group.

In its statement, the company acknowledged the many contributions that Albarracin made as President since operations as Holcim Philippines began in 2004. Van Wijnen's able leadership in steering the company to sustained growth was also highlighted. Both men will remain on the board of Directors at HPHI, ensuring that their expertise continues to be of benefit to the company.

“There is no doubt that Ed is the right man to lead Holcim Philippines at this time,” van Wijnen said of the new CEO’s appointment. He also pointed out Sahagun’s significant achievements throughout his long career in the cement business, and particularly at Holcim: “Ed has certainly contributed much towards helping shape Holcim Philippines into the strong company it is today.”

Sahagun said that the baton is being passed at a time when the company is poised on the edge of further growth and that there is are tremendous opportunity for the industry: “I hope to be able to continue the many successes that Roland has led our company to achieve,” he continued. “We will continue to focus on our roadmap and hopefully bring Holcim Philippines to take its place among the leading and most respected companies in the Holcim Group.”

Alongside the growth displayed by the rest of the Holcim Group during the first half, Holcim Philippines achieved record volumes, and the company looks set to sustain this level of growth.

Adapted from press release by Jack Davidson.

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