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Sanghi receives IBAU HAMBURG ship unloader

World Cement,

IBAU HAMBURG has recently delivered a road-mobile ship unloader to Sanghi Industries Ltd. (SIL) for use at its Mumbai cement terminal.

These road-mobile ship unloaders (Figure. 1) for mini bulk tankers are usually mounted on trailers for road transport, usually because the unloader needs to serve several terminals or because it is not possible to have stationary units in the harbour. Road-mobile, trailer-mounted ship unloaders have a self-supporting structure, weigh approximately 30 tonnes and have a high degree of manoeuvrability.

It is a requirement of the unloaders that they can be made ready for operation in less than 30 minutes, starting from the transport position. During operation, the individual screws can be tilted or rotated within fixed angle ranges, so that all areas of the ship’s hold can be reached from the given position. The loading screw can either load material directly into trucks or transfer it to a downstream mechanical or pneumatic transport unit. For direct truck loading, the loading screw is equipped with a loading chute and an integrated filter unit.

IBAU’s road-mobile mechanical ship unloaders have low energy consumption rates and high degrees of operational flexibility. The ship unloader has a modular design, which allows for customised functions and features and specifically engineered downstream cement transport systems to final storage.

Though this is a relatively small order, it follows the recent expansion of HAVER IBAU India’s Baroda headquarters. Alongside IBAU HAMBURG’s recent European activities, having been contracted for a new cement terminal to be situated in the City of Paris and the marine cement terminal installed not long ago for Cementa AB (Heidelberg Group) in Malmö, Sweden, this latest delivery represents further growth for IBAU: encouraging in the current climate.

Adapted from press release by Jack Davidson.

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