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SDLG wheel loaders help with concrete production in China

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Lintong is famous for being the birthplace of the Terracotta Army, a collection of terracotta figurines depicting the army of Qin Shi Huang, China’s first-ever Emperor. In Lintong, a fleet of SDLG wheel loaders is currently loading gravel from the nearby river plains for Jinsheng Concrete Co., Ltd, which sits on the 800-km Wei River, facing the Qin mountain range.

Operating in challenging terrains

Onsite, four SDLG wheel loaders must navigate piles of gravel and sand interspersed with large water pits (which create thick mud). The aggregate material is mixed with the finer sand to produce concrete. In some parts of the site, the wheel loaders must scrape down to the riverbed to dig out the course material before transporting it to the crushing machine for processing into concrete.

“The terrain where the machines are working is very muddy and machines have to be tough to handle it,” commented Gao Weidong, Managing Director of Jinsheng Concrete. “Western China has a climate of extremes. In the wintertime it can drop to -10 °C while remaining extremely dry – conditions that can be difficult for some machinery to handle.”

Increased uptime and reliability

Gao’s fleet includes an SDLG LG953A1 wheel loader, an LG953 that he has owned for two years and an LG953N – a model renowned for its fuel-saving mode – plus an older version of this model. For Jinsheng Concrete to meet increasing customer demand, machine uptime and reliability are hugely important to keep the job site running.

“We like SDLG machines because they are straightforward, easy to maintain and easy to operate,” sais Gao. SDLG machines are designed for maximum reliability – and by simplifying what goes on underneath the hood, operators can easily maintain the machine themselves.

Maximising driver comfort

Hao Hongbo, who operates one of the wheel loaders for 10 hours a day, said: “The ergonomic layout of controls makes the SDLG wheel loaders easy to operate. I have a great time driving around whether it’s on top of the gravel pile or in a water pit because it’s easy to drive on any terrain. When in the cab, I appreciate the climate control system that keeps me comfortable at any temperature from the 38 °C scorching heat to below freezing temperatures.”

The LG953 wheel loader has other features to improve operations, including better visibility from the cab, a rear-view camera and an improved bucket design for longer uptime. “We want the driver to be comfortable at work to keep the staff turnover rate to a minimum. It costs a lot to train a new operator – so our aim is to keep our existing ones happy so they stay with us,” Gao said.

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