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Taiwan Cement Corporation and China National Building Material Company sign strategic partnership agreement

World Cement,

On 3 January 2013, Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) signed a strategic partnership agreement with China National Building Material Company (CNBM), in order to facilitate greater cooperation between the two companies.

According to spokespeople for TCC, the cooperation will include information exchange, capacity expansion projects in regional markets, research and development of high-quality cement and innovation of production technologies.

One of the key aspects of the deal is that it will see an intensification of the technology exchanges and experience sharing that already exists, to a certain extent, between the two companies. Furthermore, focus will be placed on the development environmental technologies, with joint development goals for the field being established as part of the partnership.

TCC Chairman, Koo Cheng-yun and several of the company's executives, including senior vice president Edward Huang, signed the agreement in Hong Kong with CNBM's Chairman Song Zhiping and chief executive officer Thomas Cao.

Expect more on Taiwanese activity on the Chinese mainland in Paul Maxwell-Cook’s upcoming article, ‘China’s Urbanisation Challenge’, scheduled for the March issue of World Cement.

Edited from news sources by Jack Davidson.

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