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Alternative fuels and waste water management in the Philippines

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Cement manufacturers in the Philippines are tackling waste, with alternative fuel projects utilising municipal solid waste and a rainwater project that aims to reduce water waste.

Cemex Philippines’ alternative fuel project

Cemex Philippines plans to process 300 tpd of municipal waste, equivalent to 15% of the total wastes produced by Cebu province.

“Municipal solid waste is the number one priority for alternative fuel. The process is complex and needs different kinds of equipment to separate large organic waste from small pieces,” said Rolando Vera Cruz, the company’s sustainability director. He added that Cemex has invested in the necessary technology to produce fuel from waste at its APO Cement plant in Barangay Tinaan. The programme is in line with the National Government’s Philippine Energy Plan, which promotes energy self-sufficiency.

CeMAP targets waste water management

Meanwhile, the Cement Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines (CeMAP) has been discussing its project to reduce water usage through efficient water management and the utilisation of waste water. The average cement plant uses 3.2 billion litres of water per year, or 100 – 200 litres per tonne of clinker. Water management strategies include monitoring water usage, identifying waste sources, recycling and proper waste water disposal. Cement plants are harvesting rainwater and have set up storage and treatment facilities to enable the use of rainwater in cement production and other industrial processes. “It is important for CeMAP to take a pro-active approach when it comes to water conservation. The cement industry considers water as a critical resource that drives sustainable development efforts,” said CeMAP President Ernesto Ordoñez.

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