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World Cement,

However, there are significant regional divergences in growth, policy and inflation. Risks of weaker than expected growth in South Africa – SSA’s largest economy – threatens to offset strong growth elsewhere in the region.

Historical evidence indicates that there have been economic and political relationships between China and Africa for around 500 years, but it is recognised that during the last two decades, China has been challenging the superpowers through foreign aid to Africa in order to firmly consolidate what The International Journal of Business and Management terms ‘South – South’ relations.

What sort of impact does China now have on SSA? How vulnerable is SSA to weaker global demand, and to that in China? The UN has predicted that the proportion of Sub-Saharan people living in urban areas in SSA could double to 67% by 2050 from 35% in 2005, with significant implications for productivity, growth and demand. What is being done to improve SSA’s poor infrastructure and power networks in the light of this? Is the region’s cement industry responding to current and future demands?

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