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Quality control issues

World Cement,

In Oman, a cement producer is being investigated by the Public Prosecution after 30 000 t of imported cement sold to the market was alleged to be of substandard quality. Moreover, according to reports, empty branded bags were smuggled out of the company and thereafter filled with cheap, imported cement and sold as local product at double the price. The Public Authority for Consumer Protection is reportedly looking into two cases and is waiting for the new Consumer Protection Law to be enforced to end such activity.

Meanwhile, in Tanzania, Tanga Cement has expressed concern that cement is being illegally imported through Zanzibar without paying proper tax, undermining the prospects of local producers. The company also pointed out that the loss to the government in tax revenues is considerable. The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has said that tough measures will be taken against anyone found guilty of smuggling goods along the Indian Ocean coast. In addition to lost revenue, the TRA is also concerned that such imports – and cement is not alone; food products are also imported illegally – put consumers’ health at risk.

Edited from various sources by Katherine Guenioui.

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