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Suez Cement launches new product portfolio system

World Cement,

To mark the 150th anniversary of Italcementi Group's establishment, and 10 successful years in Egypt, Suez Cement has announced the launch of i.nova, the company's innovative product system.

i.nova is designed to help customers find the perfect Suez Cement product for each and every project through the reorganisation of the portfolio around the concept of performance and use.

The system debuted at Cairo's Smart Village, where Giovanni Ferrario, Italcementi Group’s Chief Operating Officer, and Bruno Carré, Suez Cement's CEO, were on hand to showcase the potential for customers.

“i.nova rejuvenates Italcementi Group's marketing strategy and approach in terms of sales, reconfirming the Group's highly innovative positioning,” explained Ferrario. “The company places research, innovation and sustainability at the forefront of its industrial strategy. We know that such values represent a fundamental lever for consolidating a competitive advantage. i.nova is the fruit of 15 years of research during which many unique products, such as photocatalytic and transparent cements used to construct the Italian Pavilion in Shanghai (China) were developed in cooperation with major names in contemporary architecture.”

Bruno Carré also spoke at the special ceremony, saying: “Our 10 years in Egypt represent a great achievement during which we have been bringing our facilities and our products to the international standards. Our commitment to Egypt as the cement market leader never failed, even in the recent troubled period as we continued to invest to modernise our plants, develop and train our employees and offer innovative products and services to our customers. I believe we are doing just that with the introduction of i.nova.”

The system means customers can also tailor solutions to their construction needs quickly and efficiently, saving time in terms of research and procurement.

Suez Cement offers a full range of high performance products with specialised properties. The i.nova system groups each type of cement and concrete depending on its performance. The Suez Cement product catalogue becomes the tool guiding consumers in choosing the best product to suit their needs.

It is now easier than ever for customers to distinguish and select products for any construction project. Therefore, within the i.nova’s identity has been realised on all Suez Cement’s packaging, marketing tools and invoices. Products are organised into several families of performance, four of which are already available in the Egyptian market: (classic cement), i.idro (special cement for water), (white cement, high decorative and aesthetic ranges) and (cement for specific uses).

The categories also boast a unique colour and graphic symbol to enable immediate visual recognition wherever the Group operates. The “i” in each category stands for Italcementi Group and for innovation.

“i.nova introduces visual brands capable of guaranteeing greater visibility, immediate recognition and easy identification for our range of products. The 'commodity' based logic paves the way for a 'retail' approach, which is closer to the customer,” added Stefano Gallini, Suez Cement's Marketing and Sales Director. “With more specialised products and innovative services, we are now able to offer our customers solutions for value-added projects.”

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