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Carbon-neutral cement company establishes operations in Middle East & Africa

World Cement,

CeraTech Inc., a producer of carbon-neutral cements for concrete, is set to expand operations in the Middle East and Africa. The American company has entered into an agreement with newly-formed (and separately owned and operated) CeraTech ME&A Ltd, which grants the latter company exclusive rights to manufacture, market and sell CeraTech’s products. CeraTech will provide the new business with technical support as well as ongoing product development and research.

CeraTech’s environmentally friendly cements are manufactured using virtually 100% recycled materials, namely 95% flyash and 5% proprietary liquid additives. Third party testing has demonstrated that the Ceratech cement concrete has double the life cycle of conventional Portland cement concrete. Its product range includes a general-purpose cement, an acid and corrosion resistant cement, and a cement suited to applications requiring high heat and thermal resistance.

"CeraTech technology is uniquely positioned to meet the high growth demand for construction materials in the Middle East and Africa regions. Our product satisfies both government and private corporation concerns for sustainability and meets the stringent standards set by oil and gas companies, " said Laurent Delifer, CEO of CeraTech ME&A Ltd. "Countries in our markets are at the very early stage of establishing green building practices. The ability to offer cement with a virtually zero carbon footprint and that uses much less water gives us a very strong competitive advantage as well. We will be working closely with current cement producers and key players in the ecosystem to establish markets throughout the Middle East and Africa."

Adapted from press release by Katherine Guenioui.

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