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Ohorongo Cement supports the provision of community driven houses

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True Public Private Partnership became a reality when three private companies joined forces to support the provision of community driven houses for low income families, by pledging N$3 million to SDFN/NHAG in Otavi.

The escalating demand for low cost housing in Namibia has reached a crisis point and requires urgent assistance, not only from Government, but also from the Private Sector.

Housing affordability has deteriorated significantly in recent years and Namibia is currently facing multiple major housing challenges. The national housing backlog is estimated to be in excess of 100 000 units, and is increasing by 3700 units on average per annum.

Empathy for fellow Namibians and supporting Government initiatives were the driving factors that motivated Ohorongo Cement, The FNB Namibia Foundation and The Pupkewitz Foundation to join hands in the fight against poverty eradication, by supporting the Shack Dwellers Federation Namibia (SDFN)/Namibia Housing Action Group (NHAG).

The fiscal and economic benefits that accrue when communities encourage the development of affordable homes are rarely taken into account. Healthy communities build a healthy nation and a strong economy.

Supporting initiatives to assist in supplying housing to the underprivileged improves educational outcomes, increases health and wellbeing, boosts economic activity and lowers social service costs for government.

The core competencies of the three private partners are not purely Corporate Social Investment (CSI) driven, as it forms merely a smaller part of its investment and business existence. Instead of trying to run independent in-house initiatives, the three partners decided to work hand in hand with reputable organisations like NSDFN/NHAG, who clearly have a winning recipe when looking at their results & outcomes to date.

“There lies great power in joining forces and when we work together, we can affect bigger change, while at the same time, supporting Government initiatives. Initiatives like these creates solidarity,” said Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

“They have the knowledge and know-how and through this partnership, we support not only our people, but also our planet, while changing lives in the process,” said Sarel Van Wyk, FNB Group CEO.

“The escalating demand for low cost-housing has reached crisis point in our country and requires strategic assistance from Government, the private sector and every Namibian citizen. It is against this background that the Pupkewitz Foundation through the Pupkewitz Holdings/Group of companies step up to the plate to join our valued partners RMB and Ohorongo Cement with the Shack Dwellers Federation in the fight to provide low cost housing, capacity building and empowerment to our fellow Namibian citizens”.

Edited from source by Joseph Green. Source: Ohorongo Cement

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