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Al Jouf Cement Company issues Box International grant of Authorisation

World Cement,

Box International consulting LP, a US-based consultancy firm specialising in the cement industry, announced today – 02 October 2012 – that it has been issued a grant of Authorisation by Al Jouf Cement Company to provide a variety of technical services to its plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Al Jouf currently operates a 5000 tpd plant and is in the process of building a second line of the same size. There is also a third line being planned, again of 5000 tpd. As well as assisting the everyday function of the already operational plant, Box International will aid in the planning and construction of the two new lines.

With regard to these new developments, the company is to provide Al Jouf with recommendations regarding plant layout and design along with equipment, plant and facility specifications and vendor recommendation. It is also requested to present an outline for the operation and management of the new plant upon completion and commissioning.

Across Al Jouf’s ongoing operations, Box International will be available for consultation on process upgrades and considerations of plant/infrastructure integration. It will also perform certain commercial operations on behalf of its new client. This will include the management of requests for proposals and receiving and negotiating bids from equipment vendors, suppliers, contractors and construction companies. It has also been authorised to source, negotiate and secure financing for plant expansion, facility upgrades and any other corporate requirements on behalf of Al Jouf. One of the more interesting elements of the deal is that Box International will also provide proposals for technical training programmes consistent with US industry practises.

Saudi Arabia’s GDP exceeded SAR2.2 trillion in 2011, with a growth rate of 31% compared to 2010, with a private sector growth of 14.7%. In 1Q12 alone, the country’s GDP increased by 5.94%.

Box International President, Mr Thomas D. Box, said, “The Saudi Arabian construction sector is the most dynamic in the world and will continue to be because the economy in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom is incredibly robust. Given the Kingdom’s economic strength, its rapidly-increasing and well-educated population and the significant investment and support of large strategic infrastructure and development projects by the government, the construction sector will continue to grow unless there are shortages of building materials.” Mr Box went on to say, “Cement is the most basic of building materials and is in short supply. It is therefore a priority, as it supports the development plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Mr Habeeb Saeed, Senior Commercial Specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, said, “The association of Box International and AL Jouf Cement Company represents only one example of the opportunities for US companies seeking to expand markets and develop long-term relationships and partners with Saudi business leaders regarding significant commercial opportunities.”

Adapted from various sources by Jack Davidson.

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