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Intensiv-Filter receives order from Ciment de Sibline

World Cement,

Ciment de Sibline, the third largest clinker and cement manufacturer in Lebanon, has decided to install a new common bag filter from Intensiv-Filter at its 12 000 t capacity plant in order to save energy and utilise grate cooler waste gases for raw material drying. The common bag filter, which will replace the existing two separate dedusting systems (a multicyclone on the cooler exit and an ESP for mill and preheater kiln gases), will dedust both the kiln/raw mill gases and the clinker cooler excess air.

Intensiv-Filter received the order for the turnkey supply, including complete engineering, supply of mechanical and electrical equipment, assembly, commissioning, final inspection and approval of the plant.

The ProJet mega® filter will be arranged as a double-row filter. After the disassembly of the old ESP, which will also be carried out by Intensiv-Filter, the filter will be installed on the existing footprint of the old ESP. The volume flow amounts to a maximum of 310 000 m³/h a.c. at a dust load of 33 g/m³ n.c. To reliably clean the raw gas at a maximum operating temperature of 200 °C, the ProJet mega® bag filter is equipped with filter bags made from fiberglass fabric with PTFE membranes. The bag length amounts to 8 m. The patented cleaning control system JetBus® controller with the pressure-controlled cleaning system ECO will ensure an energy-efficient operating and a constantly optimised dust removal. Cleaning will be executed in the semi-offline mode with low pressure technology.

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