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Technology has finally Caught Up To The Air Cannon

Meanwhile, cement plants have gotten larger and have begun to burn more fuels which produce troublesome buildup. It is time for technology to catch up to air cannons and improve the plant efficiency. Plants should demand greater cleaning distance from their air cannons and reduce annual costs by improving reliability. This can result in millions of dollars saved through operational efficiency improvements.

This white paper will cover the following key areas:

Improvements in air cannon design

Improvements in air cannon efficiency can be achieved as a result of the following factors:

  1. Improved nozzles.
  2. Improved reliability.
  3. Increased cleaning energy.

Achieving these goals enables Dracyon to now offer a 10 year warranty.

What cement plants should be asking for

Protecting both your air cannon and maintenance personnel is a requirement. Plants should not accept high pressure water washing or the use of cardox to provide supplemental cleaning. Plants should instead demand the performance from the air cannon that was advertised.

Plants should demand a cleaning range of at least 3 m, low maintenance costs, and a safe system.

Plants should also stop storing air in the air tanks: all air cannons leak and needlessly filling up air cannons too often becomes the number one usage of compressed air.

Selecting the right air cannon for the job

Testing has proven that in some applications a 4 in. diameter air cannon just is not powerful enough for the job. To face and solve buildup issues in the cement industry, plants must have a family of air cannons fit to suit the demands of each application.

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