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Transform data into actionable intelligence: How to reach operational excellence with machine learning

ON DEMAND - During this webinar, Petuum presents:

  • AI/ML applications for cement manufacturing.
  • AI-based soft sensors.
  • Asset and process optimisation.
  • Visual inspection with computer vision.
  • Real-world case study and results.

Unlocking the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) is projected to drive the next generation of industrial manufacturing.

Actionable intelligence is not created equal, as there is a clear difference in performance between organisations using simple analytics and modelling tools, and those who embrace predictive and prescriptive insights into their decision-making processes and company culture.

With initiatives to increase yield, improve energy recovery, and stabilise operations, cement producers are facing how to best leverage technology and their existing data to drive measurable business results.

Petuum’s award-winning AI/ML products bring capabilities above and beyond traditional process control techniques. The company takes a data-driven and dynamic approach to improve process workflows, with the ability to configure AI models based on your operating preferences and ever-changing business goals and constraints.

CEMEX, one of Petumm’s global customers, says, “Petuum helped us achieve something we didn’t think was possible. We expect our yield improvements and energy savings to be up to 7%.”


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