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How to Achieve ROI with Scalable AI+IoT Solutions in the Cement Industry

ON DEMAND - The cement industry is one of the most important and oldest industries in the world, with a history going back more than 3500 years. It is also one of the most complex manufacturing industries with a large number of processes in the manufacturing chain. The performance of the manufacturing process depends on the availability of the plant and machinery.

One of the major factors affecting performance and productivity in a cement plant is downtime. If a plant’s equipment shuts down, the plant has to shut down with it, costing time and money. AI-based Predictive Maintenance in cement plants will help forecast equipment failures and initiate timely maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime.

The enthusiasm for adopting AI + IoT runs deep across the Cement Industry. However, fewer businesses are obtaining a comprehensive ROI from their implementation regime. Therefore, it is essential to identify the top factors that prevent organisations from maximising the ROI of their AI + IoT implementation programme.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Top factors that impact ROI and scalability of an AI+IoT solution in the cement industry.
  • Key metrics to consider while implementing an AI-IoT solution.
  • Improving operational excellence with AI+IoT.
  • Empowering maintenance & reliability teams to use new technology to maximise efficiency.
  • Use cases and success stories across different critical applications cement industry with AI + IoT.

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