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Webinar series - Parts & Services

ON DEMAND - KHD’s Parts & Services department consists of engineers and experts who are here to support you with any problem, anytime, anywhere. With the company's strategically positioned branch offices as well as modern solutions such as remote services, eLearning or enhanced reality, help is just a call away. During this webinar, company speakers will give you an introduction of new service offerings – 'enhanced reality' and 'remote services' – which allow faster problem solving and easier project planning.

As the accuracy and quality of maintenance services is key for any equipment, the company also presents its roller press 3D scanner as an example for a faster service that achieves better results and enables longer wear life. That way, KHD optimises your maintenance efforts and ensures that you get the most out of your equipment while saving unnecessary repair and investment costs.

Another topic that this webinar will cover is eLearning. KHD enables you to train your entire workforce efficiently and easily. Smart features such as multiple-choice tests, cross-platform functionality or sequenced content make the company's service easy to use and enable quick learning.


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