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Webinar series - Intelligent solutions for cement production

ON DEMAND - This webinar explains the need for automation solutions in greater detail and also highlights various products from KHD that help a plant operator to save cost and produce more efficiently by using all available data and information resources.

In a modern cement plant advanced process technology is required to achieve best possible production rates and product quality. At the same time, to ensure efficient production, the lowest possible input of material and energy – as well as the right use of manpower – has to be considered. On top of that, the cement industry is under constant pressure to reduce its impact on the environment. To be able to fulfill all of the above requirements, the use of state-of-the-art, intelligent automation solutions and technologies is mandatory for plant operators. KHD, as a technology leader and automation pioneer, is the right partner to help cement producers achieve better results.

To give an insight into KHD’s automation product portfolio, company speakers introduce KHD’s plant training simulation solution Simulex® as well as our proprietary burner management system, and a key solution from KHD Romix® product family; the raw meal quality control system Romix C. Moreover, the webinar also outlines how digital pre-commissioning with Simulex helps to save time and how KHD’s automation solutions can sustainably optimise your raw meal costs while also ensuring high product quality.


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