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Webinar series - Efficient grinding solutions

ON DEMAND - Are you using systems other than roller presses for material grinding and wondering whether there is a more efficient way? Are you interested in highly flexible comminution systems based on air classification and roller presses that are especially suitable for finish grinding applications? Or do you want to know why KHD’s roller press technology is market-leading and one of the most advanced and efficient in the grinding sector? Then you should watch this webinar on 'efficient grinding solutions'.

In this webinar, KHD presents in-depth information on its roller press technology. Thanks to more than 35 years of experience and more than 300 successful installations, the company can tell you why a roller press is the most efficient grinding equipment and what makes them unique and ideal for applications in the cement industry.

Amongst other topics, this webinar covers:

  • Roller presses in comparison to other grinding options.
  • In-depth explanation of KHD’s roller press technology.
  • KHD’s air classification equipment.
  • Application examples for various layout and process arrangements.

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