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Decarbonising the cement industry with Waste Heat Recovery ORC solutions

ON DEMAND - In this webinar you will learn the basics of Waste Heat Recovery ORC technology, the difference with a steam Rankine system and its advantages.

Exergy’s webinar provides insights about the company’s significant growth due to the development of its proprietary ORC turbine technology.

Exergy ORC systems and Radial Outflow Turbine technical features are detailed and the main advantages of this technology over traditional steam Rankine cycle and other common ORC solutions available in the market are explained.

The presentation then focuses on the typical applications of ORC solutions for the cement sector. Firstly, the technical insight of the WHR process is explained, and secondly all the main techno-economic and environmental aspects and advantages are addressed with the aid of some business plan cases. A highlight on the possible solutions to the restrictions imposed by the European law known as Seveso Directive in industrial plants is also given.

Finally, a real case study of a cement plant project delivered in Italy is presented by detailing how Exergy designed and delivered a customised WHR ORC solution that could guarantee high performance and top efficiency while fulfilling the specific conditions given by the customer for this project.


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