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UK cement news


Hope Cement continues to upgrade plant

Hope Cement completed a number of upgrades to its pyroprocessing line in 2016, as well as continuing its push to increase the use of alternative fuels and raw materials.


MPA updates Brexit priorities

The UK Minerals Products Association (MPA) has updated its list of priorities that it is asking the UK government to focus on through the Brexit process.


UK construction activity picks up in February

UK construction activity was higher in February than in January, but remained under the level seen in December as soft house building numbers slowed the sector’s growth.


Cressall supplies resister to keep Ketton running

Cressall Resistors rebuilt a three-section resistor for a limestone crusher as Ketton cement plant within a week, helping to maintain uninterrupted production at the plant.


Ketton plant upgrades ESPs

Hanson Cement’s Ketton cement plant recently replaced two ESPs under the supervision of general contractor, Fairport Engineering.