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WEBINAR - Improve Your Cleaning Power at Half the Cost with IGS

WEBINAR - Improve Your Cleaning Power at Half the Cost with IGS

13 September 2022 - 13 September 2022


In this webinar, Integrated Global Services will explain the process of how their engineers and business developers have utilised state-of-the-art technology along with new and innovative products that are designed to eliminate  build-up and keep plants running at maximum speed. 

One of these new products is our high-velocity nozzle that employs focused and powerful cleaning capabilities unlike anything ever seen in the world of air cannons. This nozzle, which can be provided with a Hastelloy coating that will improve longevity, is designed to replace the outdated and inefficient nozzles that have lingered in the cleaning industry for decades. It’s time for technology to catch up to air cannons!

In regard to air cannon installation, the standard OEM recommendation is to place the cannon as close to the discharge area as possible to maximise power. This strategy has proven time and again to cause failure to the system. While air cannons are designed to withstand the harsh environment of the plant to a certain degree, the excessive heat of the processes will inflict dangerous and unstable effects upon a cannon that’s installed too close to the application. In addition, a close proximity between the air cannon and the discharge will cause material to flow back into the cannon. These installations produce unsafe and unsatisfactory operating conditions.

Watch Integrated Global Services's webinar, to learn more about their powerful and cost-effective solutions to help reduce build-up in your plant.  

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Jeff Shelton

VP Environmental