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Peter und Lochner

Peter und Lochner – Beratende Ingenieure für Bauwesen

Founded in 1965, Peter und Lochner is one of the world’s leading expert in structural design and expert opinion especially for silos and storage buildings and other structures in the cement industry. The company is named after its founders Jörg Peter und Georg Lochner. The special knowledge is constantly passed on to all members of the staff. Peter und Lochner is able to guarantee a reliable and cost-efficient design on schedule realized by the professional work of more than 35 engineers, technical draftsmen and technical draftswomen.

The efficiency of the company is based on:

  • Experienced personnel
  • Continuing staff training
  • Qualified personnel with special know-how
  • Implementation of latest technologies

Special knowledge in design of:

  • Silos up to 160.000 t capacity ... up to 27 compartments
  • Preheater towers in steel and concrete
  • Mill foundations
  • Clinker cooler buildings
  • Bucket elevators
  • Supporting systems for conveyors
  • Packing plants
  • Palletizing halls

According to newest relevant international codes (ACI, BSI, EN, IBC …)