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Refractory Anchor solutions

Years of experience taught us many things and we have found that our global success comes from our passion for quality and ability to service our customers with high quality products, fast delivery times and competitive prices. Our innovations have been made possible by discussions with our customers and by being focused solely in solving their refractory problems. Our experts know what they are talking about when it comes to refractory anchors and Rapid Arc (Stud) Welding Technology. We strive for improved life times, cost effectiveness and reduced turnaround times. SILICON currently has 2 operating locations (USA and NL) and does business in every continent in the world.

Refractory Anchoring Systems

We manufacture refractory anchoring systems for the petrochemical, chemical and furnace building industries in our purposely built facilities. We keep large stocks of various high temperature alloys such as alloy 310s, 330, 800, 601 and 625 in wire and plate, so we can confidently offer you short delivery times. Other alloys such as Haynes® are available on request. A detailed technical catalogue is available to help our customers select the correct alloy for their applications.

We have Refractory Anchoring Systems for:

  • Brick Linings: Series B
  • Concrete Linings: Series C
  • Dual Linings: Series D
  • Ceramic Fiber Linings: Series F
  • Metallic Fibers

Rapid Arc Welding (RAW)

A fast and easy solution to install refractory anchors RAW is a very new and innovative welding technology. It has been engineered to solve many of the problems that conventional hand welding and stud welding technology have had for many years. With RAW equipment it’s finally possible to bridge the gap between efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Due to the nature of our technology, we can weld studs up to ø46 mm+. Rapid Arc Welding is a proven success. We have become an industry standard due to our focus on quality, speed and safety and because we deliver on our promises.