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Land Instruments International


Land Instruments International has supplied vital temperature measurement equipment for over 65 years, to the Cement industry. Starting with simple spot measurements, LAND now offer an instrument to provide key thermal information inside the burning zone of the kiln to determine burner performance and refractory conditions.

LAND began trading in 1947 and became part of the AMETEK group in 2006.

Here are our primary measurement locations in a Cement production plant.

Conveyor Temperatures – Clinker

To safeguard against fire or belt burn out, the clinker in the bucket elevator must be sufficiently cooled prior to reaching the rubber conveyor. Our HotSpot IR used in a closed control system, monitors the temperature of the clinker before it reaches the conveyor. This system sets the cooling levels and improves operating efficiency.

Rotary Kiln shell

The early detection of hot or cold spots is vital to avoid costly maintenance or an unplanned shutdown. Continuous monitoring of the kiln shell along its length day and night will provide the earliest possible indication of potential problem spots. The LAND Kiln Scanning System (HotSpot IR) comprising an LSP- hd infrared linescanner, coupled with a Graphic Processor can scan continuously for extended periods linked to the plant host computer or as a continuous monitoring device.

Rotary Kiln – Product Temperature

Sighting tubes of different lengths are installed in various kiln positions - the radiation thermometer accurately measures the temperature at the end of the tube once very kiln rotation. Depending on the thermometer location either the solids (for product quality) or the gases (for kiln efficiency) within the kiln can be measured.

Rotary Kiln – Burning Zone Temperature

Measurement of the temperature in the kiln burning zone is vital for maintaining both product quality and kiln efficiency. A 2-colour (ratio) thermometer is used to overcome the inherent problems of dust etc. which obscure the thermometer sight path. This system can be applied equally to both wet and dry processes. Land introduced a new BoreScope system to view the thermal profile in the burning zone, to highlight possible problems in burners (such as blockages, fuel or air rich combustion) and general refractory condition.

Key advantages of the LAND system

  • The operator gets a high resolution radiometric image of the process meaning a live temperature value can be obtained from any point on the image
  • Automated alarm outputs can instantly alert the user to any problems within the process
  • Any air leaks and glass leaks, which are detrimental to the efficiency of the furnace are clearly visible and simple to detect
  • A clear profile of the flame is easily visible
  • The operator has access to more than 324 000 live temperature data points
  • Thermocouple can alert to product overheating
  • Coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Improve plant safety by removing personnel from the dangerous environment of the application
  • Monitor all positions from the safety of the control room
  • Long term data trending
  • Fuel optimisation meaning significant savings on gas

Coal Grinding / Storage – Fire Detection

Advance warning of the onset of coal mill and silo fires through the early detection of the build-up of carbon monoxide in the mill/silo. This unique detection system is specifically designed to detect rapid build-up of carbon monoxide inside pulverising coal mills and ground/raw coal silos. It continuously monitors the atmosphere inside the mill/silo, and responds very quickly to any significant increase in the levels of CO, created by the onset of a mill fire. This provides the operator with advance warning to enable preventative action to be taken before damage to the plant, or injury to personnel occurs by fire.

Dust Emissions Monitoring

Continuously monitoring the dust emissions from the stack, to meet local regulations.

Pollutant Emissions Monitoring

For periodic checks on not just on the exhaust stack, but also spot checks for pollutant gases using a portable flue gas analyser. Our portable flue gas analyser measures up to 9 gases simultaneously plus provides key measurement parameters such as combustion efficiency and excess air.

LAND has a comprehensive range of products for different applications, visit for further details.