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Mirion Technologies (IST) Limited

For many years, Mirion Technologies has been a key supplier of high-tech camera systems to monitor conditions and performance of cement and rotary kilns.

Having a constant view of ongoing operations inside the plant is critical and Mirion's high temperature cameras allow easy and reliable monitoring of cement kilns and coolers during operation.

The Mirion LYNX high temperature camera systems are extensively used for cement process viewing applications, with their robust build quality and superior picture quality. Operators can constantly view conditions inside the kiln or cooler from the comfort of the control room, avoiding the need to go to the kiln hood to check on the process. Our cameras assist with the identification of kiln ring build ups, blockages, red rivers in the cooler or other upset conditions at an early stage.

For higher level kiln control, the Mirion SPYROMETER system provides plants with multiple zone temperature measurement inside the kiln or grate cooler. The Spyrometer system combines an accurate, two-colour pyrometer system allowing an operator the ability to measure temperatures inside the kiln or cooler. Burning Zone Temperatures can be measured with a high level of accuracy and repeatability, making the system ideal for integration into a closed loop control system. Refractory temperatures immediately inside the kiln can also be measured and monitored for kiln maintenance purposes. Additionally, operators can monitor cooling profiles in the cooler to optimise tertiary heat recovery and to maximise cooler efficiency.