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KIMA Process Control


KIMA Process Control, Germany, is a company for innovative sensor technologies and well-known fuzzy-expert solutions for grinding and pyro-processes in the cement, lime and power industry.

 Most cement people know KIMA ‘E’ from the world-wide leading technology for ball mill chamber filling level SMART FILL®. The sensor device mounted directly on the rotating mill body, producing its own electrical power supply, is a well-known unique picture of the system. The several advantages are result from the patented measurement method of structure-born sound which offers a 100% selective measurement of the fill level compare to other mills in the same hall (compare to microphone base systems) and even chamber 1 and 2 of the same ball mill. Consequently this SMART FILL Sensors are often used in all leading expert control systems –even of competitors- but also in our own high-level control solution MILL MASTER®.

When the big global players in the cement industry operate their kilns and mills using their own delevoped expert or high-level control systems, most of other cement plants world-wide does not have such strategic tools. We could help…. KIMA ‘E.’ offers with the MILL MASTER(TM) and KILN MASTER(TM) its own developed and licence-able Fuzzy-Expert-Systems which uses state-of-the-art graphical user and programmer interface, and most modern intelligent software components. Plenty of plants use KIMA E’s controllers as they are more stable and easier to use and maintain than all competitor products. Last but not least we are the developers of the famous KILN COOLER Hot Spot®.

The video on KIMA’s website ( shows very impressively the cooling of hot spots on rotary kiln surfaces using a controlled precise amount of water spray onto the hot zone only. Before you ignore this challenging new technology and say "water on my hot kiln - never!" you should learn were it was developed.