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Asia & Pacific Rim - 01 October 2009

New Zealand government considers increasing mining activity

The New Zealand government wishes to increase the revenue gained from its minerals industry, given the plentiful resources available. However, much of the land in question is protected by law and as such significant changes will need to be made.


Indian cement shipments generally up in August

The slow progress of the monsoon in India has resulted in strong figures for cement manufacturers’ August shipments. High demand is reflected in the similarly strong performance of the cargo truck and rail industries.


Shipping industry in crisis

Reduced global trade and the recent announcement by China that steel and cement production will be curbed has left the shipping industry facing a potential 50% rate crash.


Outlook for shipping sector

Around the world, large volumes of cement are traded by multinational cement groups and their subsidiaries, whilst independent cement traders still have a major function when it comes to price levels and patterns of trade.


Indian companies announce investment plans

Despite fears of an oversupply situation in the near future, Indian cement manufacturers continue to announce capacity additions on a nearly monthly basis. Many producers are also segueing into the power generation business, as a side project that may help ease production costs and generate capital.


China to curb cement overcapacity

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has proposed strict plans to curb severe overcapacity problems in the Chinese cement industry, preventing any province with over 1000 kg per capita of cement clinker from building new production lines during the 12th Five Year Plan.