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14:00 (BST)

Welcome to WCT2020

World Cement Editor, David Bizley, opens WCT2020 with a brief welcome announcement, introducing the speakers and conference highlights.

14:05 (BST)

Global cement demand outlook

Imran Akram, Chief Executive of IA Cement, provides an overview of the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the fiscal and monetary response of Governments, and the resulting impact on cement demand.

This presentation will include cement demand trends, drivers and forecasts for all of the regions as well as more than thirty of the major countries.

As well as cement consumption, the presentation will touch briefly on other key topics such as pricing, carbon emissions, trading and corporate activity.

14:34 (BST)

Green Cement: Thermo activated clay, a low emissions solution

Tomás Restrepo, Colombia Regional Vice-President, will show how Cementos Argos is working to change the way that cement is produced.

Green Cement is the first product launched as a result of an ambitious project that included the expansion of capacity at the company’s Rioclaro plant in Colombia.

Argos will show how this investment enables the company to use thermally activated calcined clays and increase production without using more clinker, which allows for a considerable reduction in CO emissions.

This presentation will use the Rioclaro plant project to show how sustainability is a key aspect of the company’s business model and how it aims to create value for society as well as the company.

15:15 (BST)

Networking break

Visit the exhibition section and spend time chating with other attendees.

15:30 (BST)

The Green Campus: Lafarge Canada creates a hub of sustainable innovation

Jonathan Moser, Head, Environment and Public Affairs, Lafarge Canada, will show how the Richmond Cement Plant, located near Vancouver, BC on Canada’s west coast, has become a hotspot of innovation. From energy efficiency studies, to emissions capture strategies, to alternative fuel systems and low carbon products, Lafarge Canada is making fundamental changes to how it manufactures cement.

Jonathan will discuss the unique equipment upgrades at the site and consider a circular economy - how best to capture existing alternative fuel sources to relieve pressure on local landfills and waste disposal sites, how to co-process them as efficiently as possible, and how to capture greenhouse gas emissions from the entire process before they can enter the atmosphere. He will also explain how the team’s driven and ambitious experts dig into unique sources of energy, from biosolids to construction waste.

Jonathan will walk viewers through the paradigm shift within the organisation that has led to continuous investment in groundbreaking projects, contributing to the development of a green campus.

16:00 (BST)

Fostering the path to a sustainable cement industry

Stefano Zampaletta, Cementir Holding, & Jean-Philippe Vacher, CCB Group will reveal how the Cementir Group has developed a strategy for climate change focused on reducing CO₂ emissions per ton of cement of about 30% by 2030. They will also discuss €100 million of investments into green projects. The presentation will show how these ambitious targets will be achieved through greater use of alternative fuels and renewable resources, reduction of thermal consumption and the clinker ratio. A key role in CO₂ reduction will be played by FUTURECEM™ technology, which allows for clinker replacement levels of more than 40%, allowing for a 30% CO₂ emissions reduction in the cement manufacture process.

As part of the Cementir Group’s green transition, CCB is launching three initiatives in the Building Construction value chain. The first is a green survey of CCB’s main market areas, in order to understand the dynamics of the green transition and CCB’s role therein. The second covers the CSC certification system for responsibly sourced concrete for the all vertical businesses. The third covers EPD certification, which CCB is committed to using on its products.

16:30 (BST)

Factors to be considered when utilising a WHRG in cement manufacture

Irfan Zuchrufudin, Sr. Process Design & Engineer, Semen Indonesia, will use the Tuban Cement plant as a case study to discuss the key factors that need to be considered when installing and using a Waste Heat Recovery system for cement manufacture.

This comprehensive presentation will cover more than a dozen key parameters, ranging from gas flow, to generator type, from boiler design, to CAPEX considerations.

16.44 (BST)

Q&A: The State of the Industry

This special Q&A session with World Cement Editor, David Bizley, and Imran Akram of IA Cement will cover some of the major trends and challenges facing the global cement industry.

17.03 (BST)

Closing comments

World Cement Editor, David Bizley, brings WCT2020 to an end with some brief closing comments.

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